The Side Effects Of Eating Catfish

Catfish can be described as a fish specie that adapts so well to their environment and thrive worldwide except a few places with extreme temperatures. Catfish provides the body with diverse nutrients however, it has some side effects when it is taken in excess. These side effects will be discussed in this article.


Side Effects Of Eating Catfish In Excess:

1 The skin of catfish contains excess oil and polyunsaturated fat that can settle in the blood stream.



2 Catfish also contains high amount of omega 6 fat that can raise blood pressure, cause heart attack and stroke.


3 Risk of mercury poisoning: some catfish especially those harvested from polluted waters may contain unhealthy amount of mercury which is built up in the bodies of fish as methylmercury and is very toxic to the human body when it reaches certain levels. Methylmercury can adversely affect the kidney, lungs, digestive system and cause fatal injury.


4 The rapid Increase in the amount of catfish in water bodies is posing threat to the native aquatic species. This is the reason why many governments around the world have imposed a ban on catfish farming.

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