6 Essential Reasons Why Garden Egg Should Be Added To Your Diet

Garden egg also referred to as egg plant can be described as a member of the vegetable family that contains major nutrients such as: folate, iron, vitamins, magnesium, minerals etc. The essential reasons or importance of adding it to your diet will be discussed in this article.


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Essential Reasons/Importance Of Adding Garden Egg To Your Diet:

1 It helps to reduce cholesterol levels: garden egg contains fiber which helps to lower the cholesterol levels as well as protecting the heart.


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2 Aids weight loss: garden egg works better for people who are interested in shedding excess weight.


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3 It contains minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients needed for pregnant women.


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4 Aids digestion: consuming garden egg helps to improve the digestive system and alleviate bloating or constipation.


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5 Reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease due to it’s vitamin content.


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6 Aids vision: the garden egg with the cream colored flesh contains a little amount of nicotinoid alkaloids which helps to improve vision.

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