Reduce Your Intake Of Bread And Tea If You Have Any Of These Medical Conditions.



Bread and tea combination is one of the most loved and popular food. A lot of people, both old and young love eating it as breakfast in the morning. They prefer consuming it before going out for their daily activities like work, meetings or school. However, not every one should eat this bread and tea regularly due to some health complications.

According to MedinePlus and Webmd, there are certain medical conditions that makes consuming bread and tea dangerous. Bread is processed in factories with white flour, sugar and salt which makes it dangerous to consume regular. And tea is also made with sugar and artificial sweeteners. See the conditions below;



High blood pressure.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension is a kind of disease that occurs when the blood pressure of the body is very high. Patients or victims of hypertension are usually advised to eat foods like beans, fruits, vegetables and others that will help to reduce their blood pressure. And bread and tea can negatively affect the blood pressure due to its high sugar content.

Stomach ulcer.

Stomach ulcer is also one of the most popular medical conditions affecting people. Although there don’t appear to be any specific foods, that speed up the healing, or reduces the risk of ulcers, because that takes a lot of time and medication. But it’s always possible that some foods irritate the stomach and can cause the dreaded ulcer. And bread and tea is definitely among ulcer causing foods, according to experts. Its a good idea to give up coffee, tea, and bread if you have stomach ulcer.




If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then you shouldn’t be eating bread and tea. Even doctors always advice diabetes patients to stay clear from this meal. A lots of foods that contains white flour and sugar can cause diabetes. And this diabetes is among the top 5 causes of death among people, according to the World Health Organisation. If you already have diabetes, please avoid bread and tea in order not to increase your blood sugar and insulin levels.

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