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Nkechi Blessing Passes Out At Her Mother’s Burial Procession [VIDEO]

Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing passed out during the procession at her late mum’s funeral.

Nkechi Blessing’s mother died about a month ago and she laid her to rest. However, Nkechi Blessing seems to find it hard coming to terms with the fact that her mum is no more as, during the procession, she went unconscious for a moment and was resuscitated by other mourners who were with her.

Our deepest condolence to Nkechi Blessing and we pray the good Lord to protect her and her family as He gives them the strength to pull through this sad moment in their lives as it’s not easy to mourn someone you love.

Check out some comments from IG users below;

@blueeve13 wrote; “Chia I feel for her. If only u know what it means to lose someone so dear to ur heart. I almost followed my dad in the grave on the day of his burial o. Mama May ur soul rest in peace”

@veribabe8 wrote; “Watching it alone I dey cry….. I can’t imagine….. My hrt goes to everyone who has lost their loved ones…. May God strengthen y’ll amen🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

@tummywrapp wrote; “I don’t know how I would bear it if I lost my mom….she has suffered alot for US…may God protect her”

@ayomiidex wrote; “Mother’s Death? My greatest fear! You whole world will literally change😢 NO ONE CAN LOVE YOU BETTER…NOBODY!!!”

@doitifitseasy wrote; “Reality is finally checking in. It is always like that. She will feel it more when everyone has gone home. God will help her and her siblings.”


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