Criss Waddle has thrown what looks like a lavish birthday party for his son who goes by the moniker AMG Trey.

Considering the fact that Waddle is one of the richest artistes in Ghana, much was expected as regards this birthday party. Although photos that have surfaced online to this effect show the private event was very simple, it still has that aura of money hovering around it.

See some of the photos we have sampled for you.

AMG Trey, as we reported recently, is already conspicuous of his father’s wealth and he’s heavily using it as bait to flaunt his tiny muscles on women already.

The young champ was spotted in a video promising a woman that he’ll give her G-Wagon probably if she agrees to be his girlfriend. Can you imagine that?

He blurted out the comment with much bravado and it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest things on the internet today. The lady also played along and got bubbly with the boy’s confidence. Watch the short clip below;