Yomi Casual posted celebrating his wife for helping him achieve almost all that he has now as a man and appreciating her for making life so easy and comfortable for him throughout the 4yrs that they’ve been together as a married couple.

Yomi Casual appreciated and thanked his wife Grace for saying yes to his proposal and cutting down their wedding reception expenses when everyone was expecting him to do more just because he’s a celebrity tailor.

He also appreciated his wife for pushing him to let them give birth to their kids outside Nigeria as that’s one of his biggest achievements ever and also helping him secure some properties that are worth millions now.

Yomi Casual went on to list some of the petty things most men ignore in marriages as part of the achievements his wife Grace helped him achieved giving her the name Dr. Grace without a degree since she’s his Dr.

 thank you for saying yes to my marriage proposal, thank you for cutting down my wedding reception expenses because everyone was expecting me to do the most based on who I be.🤔 ( I almost wound them with beer and Jameson🙈) Thank you for pushing me to give birth to our kids abroad, ( one Of my biggest achievement ever!)

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