Real-life ‘Squid Game’ reportedly being organized in Abu Dhabi

A real-life version of the Korean smash hit series, Squid Game is reportedly being organized in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Korean cultural center in UAE  is set to launch a reenactment of the games from the fictional drama series.

According to reports, the event tagged ‘Squid Game’ will see participants explore games from the show devoid of the murder and bloodshed.

The event has been fixed to hold in two sessions on October 12 in Abu Dhabi and will see two teams of 30 participants.

Games to be played at the event include ‘Red Light, Green Light’, ‘Dalgona Candy’, ‘Marbles’ and ‘Ddakji’.

However, unlike the series, there will be no prize money as the winner is expected to take home a customized green tracksuit.

Squid Game hit Netflix on September 17 and it follows the story of debtors who are invited to play a series of Korean children’s games to win a jackpot cash prize or die trying.

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