Meet The Nigerian Lady Who Makes A Lot Of Money From Using Nylon To Produce Interlock Tiles

Do you know that there are interlock tiles made with nylons? The same nylons we dispose of every day after using them. Some of the wastes we dispose of every day have important things they can be used to create. Nylons can be used to produce interlock tiles, if you didn’t know about it, then you should know it now. A particular Nigerian lady uses nylons to produce interlock tiles, and she makes a lot of money from it.

The lady is a northern Nigerian lady who’s from one of the northern Nigerian states. This lady has attracted the attention of many people with her fine works. This lady uses nylons to produce interlock tiles. She’s too creative that she figured out how to use nylon to produce interlock tiles.


According to her, she said the tiles made from nylons are the best, they are stronger than the cement ones. And there are advantages of using the nylon tiles, the nylon tiles can be used immediately after it is produced. It dries up so easily and can be used as soon as it is produced unlike the ones made with cement.


She said it is made with plenty of nylons, and what she does is to tell school students to pack as many nylons as possible for her. Then they should bring them to her. She repays them with gifts whenever they supply nylons to her. The students are always happy to bring nylons to her because of the gifts they receive from her.


According to her, she said she’s made a lot of money from the nylon tiles. When producing the tiles, she brings all the nylons together, hits them with fire, and allows them to melt. Then she adds some chemicals and color (any color of her choice) to the molten substance. Then she pours the molten substance into a mold and allows it to cool.

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