Wizkid is been hailed as the king of the street especially now that he has taken over all the airwaves with his hit song ‘Essence’ but this Twitter user thinks he’s where he is today because of grace and without the grace he’s grass.

According to the lady, Wizkid is not good as he only does mid songs and gets lucky saying let’s just say it’s grace and when you remove the grace that has taken him where he is today, Wizkid is nothing but grass.

No one is saying Wizkid is the best as there are some artists that aren’t popular or superstars like him but are better when it comes to singing and performing but to say he isn’t good is an understatement because he does really well.

It’s true Wizkid has come this far with grace but the effort and hard work he put in to get where he is today can’t be ignored and it seems that what the lady is trying to do saying he gets lucky with his songs as he only makes mid songs.

Wizkid might not be where he is today without grace but that doesn’t also mean he would have amounted to nothing as the lady claims because we all know he worked really hard and that would have put him somewhere better.

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