In an interesting report, the President of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye has shaken up his government with a new initiative.

He seems not to condone some irresponsible behaviors especially men having multiple wives and mistresses.

Per what we have gathered, he has sacked all government officials in Burundi who are married but have side chics.

Per reports, he carried out this act through the country’s Ministry of Internal Security, and the reason for this action is that he intends to set an example for the whole country to follow.

His actions have been met with some varied reactions especially from social media as netizens are weighing in on the negatives and positives.

Speaking about this new action, he indicated that it is a measure to curb the high rate of pregnancy caused by the married men in the country adding that this would make people responsible for their own actions and deeds without blaming anyone.


Some reactions from social media users are;

@thesonofcomfort – That’s moral value at a new level. Quite impressive from an African country.

@CS_thapisa – How do thy prove they have concubines

@jonchrtz – They are being creative on reducing the wage bill albeit being unfairly intrusive

@Seezwe_Madlopha – I guess we’d have no government left if this was implemented in South Africa.