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Reactions As Man Was Buried In A Beer-Shaped Coffin [Video]

A viral video has set social media ablaze after a family decided to bid their dead relative farewell by burying him in a beer-shaped coffin as they perform his final funeral rites.

It has been the way of some people in some parts of the world to use one’s favorite or hand-work to design their coffins when they are no more. Well for this particula man, aside all the things that could be used in designing his coffin, the family chose to make it in a beer-shape just to pay their last tribute to the dead.

From the look of things, the dead could either be a drunkard or a local ambassador for the ber company in his neighborhood and as such, the family had no other option than to pay their last respect by using the shape of his favorite beverage in designing his coffin.

In a video available, the pallbearers were seen dancing with the beer-shaped coffin over their shoulders while they perform the final funeral rites.

Watch the video below:



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