Ini Edo revealed at the red carpet session of ‘Bad comment’ movie by colleague, Jim Iyke that she blacked out in the car after listening to what was said about her as that shook her

Her narration was in response to a question a media personality asked her about how she handles bad comments or negative reports about her.

She wrote;

“I’ve had to deal with it right from when I was a teenager in this industry. Back in the day of soft sell, I remember one day driving along the road and literally all the soft sell magazines had my pictures on them. Different pictures with different stories and I fainted.

But that was then, not anymore. Over the years, I think time teaches you or makes you strong enough to understand that look, we are just here in this life to make something out of it and you will never do right in everybody’s eyes. There will always be people who will always have negative things to say about you. I think it’s life, I’ve accepted it. Accepted it in the sense that it doesn’t bother me cuz it doesn’t define who I am.”