Mother of five scatters wedding of her husband who tried to marry second wife (Video)

A video shared online has shown the moment a mother of four scattered the wedding of her husband who abandoned them to marry another wife.

Narrating the story and what led her to take the drastic decision, the mother of four told Afrimax;

“I am a mother of five children. One day I was working on the farm and I received a phone call that my husband who abandoned us years ago, was getting married to another wife.

After getting the information, I could not hold it so I rushed with my little children to ruin the wedding, then I called the media and asked them to cover the story of how I am going to ruin this wedding.

I got to the church and foqrtunately I arrived when the pastor was about to pronounce them as husband and wife.

So in front of everyone, I grabbed my husband and I expressed my pain and sorrow. When they tried to stop me, I broke down in tears as I explained my story to them and how he abandoned me”.

Watch full video below;


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