14 single men angrily walk out of church after Bishop asked them to ‘Man Up’ and marry single mothers in the congregation

A man has shared the interesting event that occurred in his church recently after the Bishop made an unusual request from bachelors.

According to the man, the clergy asked single men in the church to stand up and subsequently asked single mothers to do same.

As they were all standing, he then urged the single men to man up and marry the single mothers.

The 14 men who were standing, including the narrator stormed out of the church in annoyance and never returned.

He wrote; ”I was at a Huge black church. The Bishop said: Single brothers, stand up! We stood. He said Single Mothers, Stand up! They stood, then he said , brothers I need y’all to MAN UP, and marry these good sisters. Myself and about 13 other brothers left, and never went back.”

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