Lady shares absurd story of how an old man disappeared with a girl after giving her money to pay his bus fare

A Nigerian Twitter user has shared a weird story of how an old man mysteriously disappeared with a girl while they were in a bus.

The narrator known on Twitter as @LAmi_Ade revealed that the old man passed his money through the girl to help him pay the driver but as soon as she collected it, she froze.

The incident which occurred in the Ikotun area of Lagos caused pandemonium and panic as people urged the man to reverse what he did.

According to the tweep, the old man said the only way it can be undone is if he sucks the girl’s breast. Other passengers and eyewitnesses refused to allow him to that, but after much argument they agreed.

However, the moment the old man suckled, he disappeared with the girl.

@LAmi_Ade wrote; ”Old man pays his Tfare to the driver through a girl, she collected it and froze. Pandemonium ensues as people tell the man to undo what he did.

He said he had to suck her breast for her to be normal. After much argument he was allowed to do that, and he and the girl disappeared. If you know Ikotun, go there and ask.”

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