A man had a close shave with death whilst trying not to be caught by the alleged husband of the lady he was having a good time with inside a swimming pool.

Apparently, when the husband was away, the wife called her ‘side guy’ and invited him to come over to her house to spend time with each other and possibly knack.

However, unfortunately for the wife, the husband returned home without prior notice and while in the pool with the other man, the man hurriedly lowered himself into the pool in order not to get noticed.

The cheating married woman on the other hand tried to take her husband’s attention from the pool to prevent the obvious from happening.

The man who initially feared for his life risked losing it after he almost drowned in the swimming pool while hiding from his side chic’s husband and after the cheating wife had succeeded in taking the husband’s attention from the swimming as she moved him stylishly to the house, the man immediately came out of the pool to breathe.

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Nollywood actor, Freddie Leonard has registered his displeasure over the new White Room twist that has been introduced into the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ game after as Pere and Angel who were not evicted from the show on Sunday night get the chance to compete yet again in a different room called the White room and the one who emerges winner goes back into the house as a finalist.