“Being lusted after is not a compliment” – Nigerian lady tells Christian ladies who wear revealing clothes

Nigerian youtuber, Aanu Kolade, has taken to Twitter to address Christian ladies who wear revealing clothes because they believe God only looks at the heart.

Nigerian lady tells

According to Aanu, she has observed the recent trend of ladies donning outfits that exposes their breasts and thighs to parties, popularly called “Owambe” in Nigeria.

She stated that being lusted after by men is not a compliment and Christian ladies should dress and act like royalty.

Read her full post below,

Dear Christian babe, If anyone told you that your appearance/dressing is of no importance in this walk, they lied. If anyone told you it’s okay to join every trend and your heart is ALL that matters, they lied.

I’ve noticed that two things are common to most ladies’ owambe outfits lately;

· Breasts out. Almost like “we cordially invite YOUR BREASTS to the …” is what was written on the Invitation. It’s your body and you can do with it as you please, eh? Okay

· High slit. What’s supposed to be a long dress, has the front slit going all the way up to the main door of the upper room. It’s just a dress, eh? Okay

Time to take pictures and then fiam! Hands fly up to hold breasts (for special effect, maybe) and a leg tucks out of the highway-to-the-upper-room slit. It’s just a pose, eh? Okay

Being lusted after is not a compliment. You’re Royalty. Act the part, dress the part.

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