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‘It Was My Mother Who Helped Me Fake My Pregnancy After I Lost My Real Pregnancy’ – Takoradi Lady

According to her, it was the idea of her mother, Agnes Essel who brought up that idea adding that she knew about her fake pregnancy.

She stated that this was to fool her husband and also to get him to treat her well and this was stated in a recent report by Starr News.

The report stated that the lady really got pregnant for four months, however, she lost the pregnancy and found it hard to tell her husband.

She indicated that during the period of her real pregnancy, her husband really gave her extra care, love, and attention.

Doing everything not to lose all these benefits, she decided on deceiving him by buying a silicone belly to demonstrate that the lost pregnancy was still intact in order not to lose the marriage.

On how she was able to prevent her husband from seeing that there was no pregnancy, she stated that she always covered her fake pregnancy with a cloth anytime they had sexual intercourse within the early stages of her fake pregnancy.

She thought about the kidnapping plan when she felt the pressure after nine months of carrying her baby in her womb.

She revealed that she didn’t know the fake kidnapping will get the attention of the whole nation alleging that she went into hiding at Agona Nkwanta.


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