The PR expert shared how Tems sent her songs to him asking him to help her promote them which he tried to do by sending it to his friend on a record label but the manager rejected it because she sounded too RnB which is hard to sell in Nigeria.

But today, Tems is rolling with the big people in the music industry such as Wizkid, Drake, and Rihanna and she’s going global because of her sound and voice which was rejected back in 2018 with the excuse of being too RnB.

The PR expert went ahead to state that he doesn’t blame the label manager who rejected the songs of Tems because her sound was going to be hard to sell but today with the grace of God Tems is going global with her sound.

Adding that he’s sharing this as a reminder that if we believe strongly in ourselves, we should keep striving and the world will catch up with our gift just as it happened for Tems who is now going international.

Tems is indeed making it very huge for herself and Nigeria right now and she’s rolling with some big people in the music industry and going global with her sound that was once rejected by a record label because she never gave up when she was rejected.

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