Military officer secretly fathers two of his senior colleague’s kids as payback after discovering the senior officer is the real father of his own kids

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share a shocking story of paternity fraud which involves two military officers.

According to the lady identified as @_peesee on Twitter, a military officer discovered that two (boys) out of his three kids belong to his senior colleague, who sleeps with his wife whenever he is on deployment.

He pretended as though he did not know what was happening, whereas behind the scenes, he also decided to sleep with the senior military officer’s wife and fathered two out of his four children as payback.

When the truth came out, both families were thrown into confusion and chaos.

@_peesee wrote; ”I know a very senior colleague in the uniform who raised kids who weren’t his, his wife didn’t know he knew she just had a child for him and that child was the only daughter. Two boys weren’t his. He ensured they went to very good schools, but the girl went to the best

She was sent out of the country for her higher institutions while her brothers went to school here. After he retired and was very sick and at a point of death he call his lawyer, his wife & his boys and willed everything to his daughters. The boys were confused he has only a girl

The mother had to confess that she was sleeping with his colleague when he was away on duty in another state.

She told them their father and they went to meet him. Their real father was their other father’s senior colleague.

He was shocked because he never knew She had kids for him.

He received them and his wife started causing drama because she didn’t want those boys in the house.

He begged her severally and she refused. He decided to do a DNA test for his kids too. Found out in the four kids only two were his.

Madam who are the fathers of this children, she refused saying any thing. He didn’t chase her out, he left the house and moved elsewhere with all his children leaving her alone with the other kids.

She had to carry this kids to their real fathers house who is her husband’s subordinate who is late already.

So both husband were staffing the wife of the other. Subordinate knew of his boss and quietly replicated it to his boss wife. Fear quiet men.

When he was sharing his story, I opened my mouth because he wanted his kins men and god children to know

He said he wanted people to be aware incase trouble happens in future. If DNA are conducted on so many officers children wahala will happen in the barracks.
Because things dey occur.

Till date those children don’t talk to their parents. They don’t even know which surname to bear.

So paternity fraud has been on way back. And most parent knew only God knows why they kept quiet”

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