Man shares shocking story of how passengers were boarding a bus in Lagos and mysteriously kept disappearing

A Nigerian man has narrated a shocking story of how some people who boarded a bus in Lagos state were almost used for money rituals.

The man said that people were entering an early morning bus but it never seemed to get get filled up no matte how many people entered.

According to the tweep with username @wizarab10, it continued like that until a woman selling food noticed and raised an alarm.

He claimed that after the passengers entered the bus which was in Lagos, they reportedly disappeared and appeared somewhere in Oyo state set to be used for ritual purposes.

The man shared the story in response to a Twitter user who asked; ”What’s the wildest thing your eyes have seen in Lagos?”

@Wizarab wrote; ”Early morning Bus.

People trooped into buses as usual but there was one bus that people kept entering but never got filled. It was a woman selling food that noticed after some hours and raised an alarm. Apparently, they entered the bus and arrived somewhere in Oyo for ritual.”

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