Six days after I turned him down, I said I was ready but he snubbed me – Lady laments

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament after a man whose advances she declined, snubbed her when she eventually changed her mind.

The young woman known as Kenduma said that she initially told him she was not ready for a relationship.

But after six days she texted him and said that she is ready but he did not acknowledge or reply her message.

Kenduma wrote; ”I told this guy I wasn’t ready for a relationship yeah , I later had a rethink and texted him that I have changed my mind, this guy aired me!! Omooo I’m deleting his contact cause what’s that embarrassment for ? I’m pained walahi

Thing is what’s the point of him airing me when he can clearly tell me “NO”!! Not like we’re enemies ,after all we’re both adults !! It’s just too sad that some of you think it a right thing to “air” me!!

I literally told this guy when we met that I wasn’t interested, I even offered to match make him with my other single friend. 6 days after, I told him I had Changed my mind .”

See her post:

Read some comments…

___; You changed your mind, He changed his mind. Whats all this pepper body for?

@soloiyke; I just tire… You like a guy and he asks u out, u first said no so he will keep digging, u be borehole naw…

@nnaemy2001; You didn’t say how long it took for you to say you changed your mind after he asked. You haven’t said how long you have waited for a reply. You sound entitled because you assume he MUST respond to YOU. You don’t even know his circumstance atm, but Twitter must hear it.

@KingiJoshl;vPretty sure the guy’s name is Opportunity

Ruggeddefender5; If you want someone you dont have to be thinking about it and being undecisive, he has moved on, you too move on. Men dont waste time beating around the bush with women anymore.

@Odogwu_Nomso; Will never understand the urge to tell the TL about your L’s on this App tho

@twyeu_dhino1; He was also rethinking during your rethink. I guess rethink jam each other. Where’s the space #Ayewada

@MaziOlayinkaDan; I still haven’t see the airing sha. Na only one screenshot we got. I no dey like half-story. Show us where he aired you.

@Otunba_Alao; Nothing to see here, just two people with changed mindset. One is moving on, the other is still swimming around her L.

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