According to @Ebuka Eclat, a Twitter user bemoaned the prevalent practice of a women completing a slew of chores on Saturdays and Sundays despite working from Monday to Friday, while their husbands get to relax on the weekend.


“Husband is relaxing in the house, wife is washing a mountain of clothes outside under this sun. After this, she’ll go and cook. They do this every f*cking Saturday and they both go to work from Monday-Friday. You see this kind of marriage? I reject it for all my female friends,” He wrote.


See how netizens reacted;

Ifunanya wrote; Woman will carry pregnancy for nine months,take care of the kids,wash, clean, cook satisfy d man yet some will b asking “what are you bringing to the table” like it shouldn’t b a must except she decides to help.

Efe wrote; Marriages were more successful in the past when women saw these duties as core marital responsibilities. Washing machine & other kitchen utensils have eliminated a lot of stress in the kitchen but no, home chores must be shared but house rent and other heavy bills are masculine

Bishop wrote; Dude cuts the grass every Saturday and washes the two cars after. Fix car problems. Still has to pay every f*cking bill and kids tuition. The woman gets to keep her money, buy a washing machine and relax in a nice car. You see this kind of marriage? I reject it for all my mates.