Prayer warrior who dumped Christianity to marry a native doctor celebrates her new life (Video)

Lolo Ebelechukwu Obi, a former prayer warrior has spoken on her new life as the wife of a native doctor.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, she also revealed that numerous pastors troop to her husband’s shrine for spiritual powers.

The woman was formerly a prayer warrior but dumped Christianity to be a traditionalist.

Speaking on how they met, she recalled that on one particular day she had visited the native doctor’s shrine and that was when he told her of the ‘spirits’ prophecy of their union.

After debating it with her mother, Ebelechukwu eventually gave in as she would later find out there was a calling upon her to be a traditionalist.

She has been married to the chief priest of Idemili cultural centre in Anambra state, for the past 8 years, According to the woman, she has no regrets over her decision to switch religions.

The lady expressed joy at being a traditionalist, stressing that those who had mocked the move before are now celebrating with her.

Watch the Interview HERE

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