The camp of OBO, Davido has been hit with yet another scandal after it has been alleged that Davido and his hypeman, Special Spesh are not cool as they used to relate with each other.

According to Instagram blogger Cutie_Julls, Special Spesh has withdrawn himself from Davido’s team for a while now and Davido has refrained from interacting with Special Spesh on social media.

Recall one of the last times we saw Davido with his hypeman was when Spesh gave the public an update about the current health of Davido days after the demise of his personal assistant Obama DMW. Spesh revealed that Davido was safe with him after the death of Obama DMW.

In the new twist, Cutie_Julls alleged that a rift has come between Davido and his hypeman as Spesh did not promote Davido’s show in London and most of the DMW gang have not been engaging with Spesh on social media like they used to.

The blogger wrote:

So y’all haven’t noticed there is some sort of strain?

Haven’t you noticed Davido and Special no longer jumps on each other’s page frequently like they used to?

Even recently when David killed the show in London, Special no give am accolades like before?

Haven’t you noticed most of the 30BG no longer likes and comments on Special’s posts like they used to?

We all know Special is kind of permanently based in his USA home now. But come on na, on a normal day he would have definitely jet to London to support David’s shows na. Considering Davido’s recent performance in London being his first after a the long COVID break

Na observation we make o, we no kill person 👩‍🦯