10 Good reasons not to buy iPhone 13

The internet was abuzz recently with the news of the first-ever iPhone Pro Max 13, released in September 2021.

Well, for former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri, the new iPhone upgrade is not worth buying.

The quite outspoken writer via his Instagram page, listed 10 good reasons nobody on earth would need an iPhone 13 which is worth over a million naira.

He wrote, “Nobody on Earth needs an iPhone13. Absolutely no one. An iPhone 13 is a status symbol. Don’t let peer pressure rob you off your real treasure. If your old phone works, use it. you don’t need a new phone. You need a new investment. Invest. Don’t impress!
Below are 10 Things You Can Invest in Instead of an iPhone13:
  • A plot of land in a low cost area
  • 40 bags of rice at a rural area to sell at a profit in an urban area
  • Trade in forex
  • Buy 3 Microsoft shares
  • Buy 6 Apple shares
  • Rent a one bedroom and use it for Airbnb
  • Buy treasury bonds
  • Start a POS business
  • Join lendingclub and earn money lending money to people who are guaranteed to repay
  • Invest in a course and learn an income generating skill

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