A die-hard fan of Arsenal football club has vowed never to marry until the Gunners win their maiden UEFA Champions League cup.

According to the young man with the Twitter handle, @Jeff_Tymer, he’ll remain a bachelor forever if his wish is not fulfilled but he’s of the strongest conviction that it might soon happen than what naysayers think.

Arsenal have never won the prestigious club title and in recent times have failed to even qualify to play in the Champions League. Besides, the club which was once one of the most fearsome teams from England and Europe have become a pale shadow of themselves as they have no silverware to their name for a very long time.

The team is even struggling in the 2020/21 season which obviously means this Nigerian can be described as a big optimist. He took to his Twitter account and wrote;

‘I will not Marry till Arsenal Win the Champions League.’

See screenshot of his tweet below;

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s coach Mikel Arteta is confident the team will things around for the better despite the very poor start to the new season.

“I can really see the light,” the Gunners boss told a press conference on Thursday. “I’m telling you I’m very positive most of the time. I’ve seen the light and I can see bright lights.

“There can be bumps in the road within that light, but I can see a lot of light.”

Arteta added on how he dealt with the criticism that came his way after the loss at City: “Life brings you things and you cannot decide it. There are certain things that you cannot control. What is coming to you is coming for a reason. Sometimes we don’t want to see it, but it’s coming for a reason – and it’s probably for the right reason.