American Hip Hop rapper, Meek Mill has given credence to the efficacy of African herbs after he used it to treat a chronic stomach condition.

According to the rapper, he had been battling some strange ailment for almost 2 years and he got his healing through an African herb he was recommended to use.

Taking to his Twitter page, he broadcasted the good things African herb had done for him with his chronic medical condition.

He wrote: My stomach been messed up almost 2 years I been to a bunch of doctors … I took a African herb and it fixed my stomach like magic!

The tweet sparked some reactions and below are some reaction.

@righteous_dopo: AFRICA IS BLACK’s HOME

@Walker2022Tlou: I’m grew up in the Caribbean but I want to visit Africa one day, my ancestors were on the continent for billions of years before slavery man.

@datboytmatt: Like nigga…. what did you think would happen 🤣

@BabyJa83y: U beat me too it cuz😭😭😭

@ShivaInalsingh: My cousin in Trinidad took the same herb said they are totally cured as well!

@trustJones3: What was it called?

@lilantontop: Ask your self why they killed doctor sabi. White doctors don’t like anything from Africa. Eg: weed is illegal buh cigaret is legal.smh.

@LebMedic95: Sebi was not a doctor and he was practicing without a licence

@Gold_Apparels: Baba Aisha herbal medicine Deaf person

@DanielRegha : Africa arguably has the best herbs. Experts of traditional African medicine have the ability to cure illnesses that modern medicines can’t; African medicines can also be used to cure some spiritual problems & it’s healthier cos modern drugs are mostly made of chemical compounds.

@Rickey_durant: You better off dropping this on gunna page tbh. I see him rapping on this

@Dhavidote: Doctor iguedo goko cleanser at workMan gesturing not okFlexed biceps

@BrutusGhaliii: To clear all the yamayama wey dey for your system..If everytime something dey waka for your body..Oyibo dey call am ‘Sensational movement in the body’ See wetin you need to make your system strong kakarakaFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

@Mizzout1: Just gonna leave out the name of the herb tho? Loudly crying face

@JayBoy1800: It’s called “agbo jedi”