A video of singer Davido‘s son Ifeanyi blushing while being hailed on the street has hit the net and the young boy is already building into stardom just like his father.

Davido shared the video of his son Ifeanyi blushing making it look as if he’s shy with the crowd and how they were hailing him hence tried to bury his face in the arms of the person carrying him and it was just funny and lovely.

Davido shared the video on his InstaStory and looking at the security that was there, it’s obvious he was around but didn’t appear in the video and he went ahead to teas his son for blushing while been hailed on the street.

Ifeanyi is growing into a very good-looking young man and for him to be shy looking at the crowd that was present is just normal since he isn’t used to meeting such a crowd and moreover his mother Chioma is a shy person too.

This video also shows that Davido is doing great with his son Ifeanyi and the father-son relationship they have is been built very well just as he has built a very good relationship with his daughters Imade and Hailey.

video below;