It would be recalled that Big Brother tasked Liquorose to play a prank on Emmanuel by avoiding and fighting him for 48hours. A prank that was successful. Big Brother rewarded Liquorose for being able to play the prank well.

Big Brother rewarded Liquorose and her love interest Emmanuel with a romantic dinner at the executive lounge so they can have some privacy and talk. After the two had had a good time, they engaged in a heart-to-heart talk where they both talked about their sex life.

Emmanuel questioned Liquorose about the number of times she has made love in her head with him. “How many times have you made love to me in your head,” he asked.

“Once and that was today, just before I was called into the diary room: even though I have kissed you many times in my head” she replied. Liquorose also disclosed that she is not a sexually active person and can stay without sex for four months.