Kanye West ‘cheated on Kim Kardashian with A-list singer,’ source claims

Kanye West


Kanye West allegedly had an affair with an “A-list singer” while he was still married to Kim Kardashian, a source has claimed.


According to The Sun, the 44-year-old rapper reportedly cheated on the reality star shortly after the birth of their second child, Saint, 5.


Just weeks earlier, the rapper hinted at being unfaithful to Kim through lyrics of his new music. Kanye rapped that he cheated after the birth of their first two kids


A source close to the family has now claimed to the publication that Kim was going through a hard time after she welcomed her son, Saint.


And it is believed that Kanye may have been intimate with a household name back in 2015, according to the informant.


The insider claimed: “Kanye cheated on Kim with an A-list singer. At the time it happened, Kanye was mainly living in his bachelor pad in Hollywood because it was closer to his studio and he wasn’t going to go home to Kim and a newborn baby when he’d been partying late in the studio.


“Kim wasn’t feeling herself – the breastfeeding, the extra weight, the baby in the bedroom, the early morning exercise routines and juice diets – and Kanye was out late a lot.


“[Kim] was struggling and thought it was all because of how she looked – it put a lot of pressure on her at a time when she was at her most vulnerable … She blamed herself and vowed to ‘bounce back’ hotter than ever.”

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