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Use Your Head, Don’t Let Them Use It For You – Simi To Those Who Believe Almost Everything On The Internet

Songstress Simi has advised those who seem to believe almost everything they see on the internet to be using their heads and not let others use it for them.

Simi posted saying that there are some people who genuinely believe everything they see on the internet is either true or must at least have some truth in it but it doesn’t work like that always since some of the stories might not be true.

Simi trying to prove her point made up a very good story that would have a sell on the internet very well saying she saw a Hispanic guy the other day that was making a scene in a store because the cashier refused to marry him.

He then called someone on the phone and 5 minutes later 2 guys came to the store with guns to carry the lady away and while they were all begging, they pointed the gun at the customers to shut up and they left with the lady before the police came.

According to Simi, the story she shared was all lies and it shows that all it takes is a very good storyteller that is looking for attention or likes and stories would be circulating on social media as if there’s any iota of truth in it.

Simi then advised that individuals should use their heads when it comes to issues that circulate on the internet and not let others use them for them because not everything that you see or hear on the internet is true or closer to the truth.

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