Big Brother Naija new Head of House Whitemoney has disclosed that female housemate Queen would have caused trouble for him in the house if he hadn’t chosen her as his deputy.

Housemate Whitemoney won the Head of House for this week and was asked by Big Brother to choose a female occupant to be his deputy in the Head of House. Queen is the closest female housemate in the Big Brother house.

Whitemoney during his diary session with Big Brother revealed that Queen has been of great help to him in the house and he appreciates it. He added that he will feel the absence of Queen if she is evicted.

Here’s a highlight of what he said;

1} Wining the HOH is my highest achievement in the house so far.

2} Queen has been of great help to me and the entire house, and she deserves to be in the HOH lounge.

3} if Queen leaves the house today, I will feel it.

4} if I had chosen another Deputy, Queen would have made the house very hot for the house
5} I enjoy Queen’s friendship and company, but I don’t have any emotional feelings attached to it.

6} JACKIE B eviction was emotional for me because I was romantically attracted to her.

7} I Nominated Yousef and Angel because I needed them to be in the hot seat and feel the heat.

8} I targeted the VETO POWER during the HOH games to enable me to save either Yousef or Nini.