“Nothing can ever separate I and my wife, we share love and money” – Cubana Chief Priest

Popular celebrity barman Cubana Chief Priest has disclosed that nothing can separate him and his lovely wife because they don’t just share love, they share money, too.

In an Instagram post, Cubana Chief Priest shared a picture of his wife in a hoodie as he disclosed that she left her workplace (kitchen) for his bar to assist him.

He disclosed that as life partners, they share everything, including money and nothing can separate them.

Here’s what he wrote;

“The Other Day @_deangels Left Her Kitchen For My Bar, She Is My Life Partner In Love N In Business, Nothing Can Ever Separate Us Because We Don’t Just Share Love❤️ We Share Money💰 Too. Cement Your Love❤️ With Money💰 It Makes It Unshakable”

Cubana Chief money wife


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