The popular actress and entrepreneur shared videos on her Instagram page showing her girls sleeping face down after they accompanied her to a movie location. She captioned:

“So my kids came to see mummy do her thing at work…but fell asleep after 3 takes. It must have been very boring. 😂😂.. Last slide though. 🤣”

Nadia Buari was in the news recently when she glowed in a new set of photos she claimed were shot by one of her children.

Since she has decided to wrap her family in an air of secrecy as we don’t know the names of her children or have ever seen their faces before, we have no idea which of her kids shot these photos so we could reference her specifically and praise her.

That notwithstanding, we still respect the Ghanaian actress for her want of privacy and not mixing her own private life with her professional career on social media. The actress shared the adorable photos and captioned them;

“My 4year old directed and took these pictures. 🥰…she’s definitely going to take my pics hence forth. 😘”