I felt bad that government didn’t support me before Finland-based firm employed me – Nigerian drone maker

Ignatius Asabor, a 22-year-old inventor who recently moved to Finland after being hired by a Finnish company has said that he felt disappointed that despite several promises made to him in Nigeria, nobody was eventually able to support him.

The young man who hails from Delta State, attended Utagba Ogbe Technical College.

The Finland-based company discovered him on Facebook and reached out to him through the social networking platform.

In a chat with The Punch, he spoke on how his experience has been so far in Finland and how he got into drone-making.

Ignatius revealed that he built his first drone when he was nine years old, adding that he however, first started with just drawing cars.

He said; ”I made my first drone when I was just nine years old.”

”At first, I wasn’t building drones. I started by drawing some things, especially cars. After a lot of thinking, I decided to make some of the cars I drew come to reality. That was what came to my mind that made me start building cars with empty drink cans, cartons and other materials I got around me.

After several months of building cars, the cars got so much simpler for me and that was what inspired me to try something harder, which was when I made my first carton and foam plane. It took me several years of failed attempts, loss of materials and tools to achieve that. I learnt in a very hard way, but I never gave up. I knew that just as I was able to make the cars I built to move, someday, the same thing would happen to the plane, too. I believed so much in myself that no matter how long it took, it would happen someday.”

When asked about how the poor support he got support from Nigeria affected him, he said;

”I feel really bad. I tried so many times and as hard as I could (to get help). (I have got) so many types of promises but I have never received any support from the government. As a student, I showcased several street flights in public to survive and to save money for my innovations.”

Speaking on what he was working on before leaving the shores of Nigeria, Asabor said;

”I was building an unmanned aerial vehicle drone to help security agencies in the search for kidnappers in the forests in Edo State. I left Nigeria five days before the day I was supposed to launch it into the air. It is impossible (to launch it) right now because I took most of the sensors and important materials with me to Finland.”


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