On Sunday morning, this revelation came from the Adamawa-born housemate at the salon.

Cross allegedly approached Saskay and Jaypaul after the party and handed them a condom while also giving them some foolish advise, according to Saskay.

“Cross just walked up to us to give us one condom. At first I thought he was high but then he even told us it’s better to play safe and then he left,” Saskay said.

Nini claimed that Cross had done the same to her and Saga. She believes he was ordered to do so, according to her.

“Cross came to where I and Saga were discussing to give us one too.

“Honestly I felt It was an Instruction that was given to him I didn’t know he was just being silly,” she said.

In other news, during the Saturday night party, the camera pivoted in the direction of Jaypaul and Saskay, who were enjoying an intimate time with each other as they kissed passionately for a little while.

The lovebirds’ love story appears to have taken on fresh start in recent days, as their ship is clearly sailing smoothly and without mishap.

Jaypaul made a rare romantic gesture a few days ago when he bought a bouquet of flowers for his in-house sweetheart, Saskay, for roughly 500 Abeg Naira.

During the Saturday night party, however, the two became even more close as they passionately kissed amid the gentle music playing in the house.

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