Bovi who seems to have fallen a victim to being stabbed at the back by someone he helped warned those who are in a good position to help others not to feed every single person that appears to need help because some only need strength to bite you.

According to him, he’s beginning to think that entitlement is a spirit and it starts of silent and obedient but the spirit rears its head when one mistakes their privileges for their rights saying that strangers don’t betray.

Bovi using dogs in place of ungrateful people warned that you shouldn’t feed every dog suffering when you have the means because some might just be needing strength to bite you as a way of repaying your kindness to them.

This issue of entitlement is one that has been discussed mostly on social media and it keeps popping up every moment someone chances upon another who feels the same way and it appears Bovi has had his share of it as well.

Heed to Bovi’s advice of not feeding every dog you see suffering because indeed some might just be in need of strength to bite you and know some peace because it will be sad to see your own people betraying you and not strangers.

screenshot below;