Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has slammed his colleague governor, David Umahi, for wishing to see some qualities in the next president that is in line with President Buhari’s personality.


Recall Umahi had said that Nigeria needs a good leader who would serve as a successor to President Buhari and make the nation see progress in all spheres. He added that a leader who would unite the people is better than the one who would cause divisions.

In his words: “So, those whose job is politics and who are not into elected position, or appointed position have all the time and the opportunity to do this canvassing. And I think that they are doing it and doing it very well

“But I continue to say that power rests in the hands of God. And God will also give us the next president who has good heart like President Buhari for the good of this country. We need God’s own anointing for our own anointed president, for the interests and unity of this country.”

In a rebuttal, Wike spoke at a stakeholders’ meeting in Port Harcourt where he intimated that Buhari himself knows he is a bad president and there is going to nothing like him again at Aso Rock.

Wike said “That was how a governor was saying that he prays that Nigeria gets another President like Buhari. I said what has gone wrong with him? You mean there shouldn’t be (a) psychiatric check on the governor? Sycophancy,” .

“And you know that President knows that you are telling lies to him. He (Buhari) knows. It is unfortunate. May God help us.