Singer and songwriter Teknohas advised young boys to hustle after splashing millions of Naira on a Rolex wristwatch when he went to the club to have fun.

Tekno shared a video showing off his wristwatch advising young boys to work hard and make money since it’s not easy to get good and beautiful things as you want if you don’t work hard to earn enough money for that.

Even though the video of Tekno isn’t clear, we know it all started from the club where he went to have fun and he went ahead to show off his new wristwatch joining the group of men investing in a Rolex wristwatch.

We all know a Rolex wristwatch cost a lot of money and Tekno has to spend some millions on that since is one of the most expensive wristwatches in the world and it’s not surprising he advised young boys to work hard after buying that.

It appears Tekno after buying the wristwatch has seen the impact of hard work because he wouldn’t have been able to afford that if he hadn’t work hard with his musical career and now it’s up to the young boys looking up to him to heed his advice.

Tekno is the king of enjoyment and he usually advises that you enjoy your life as you want but today he has decided to talk to the young boys looking up to him telling them to work hard because it’s only then they would be able to enjoy themselves as he does.

screenshot below;