The spokesman of the Ologbotsere Descendants of Warri Kingdom Chief Ayirimi Emami, Comrade Alex Eyengho has maintained that the Ologbotsere title can never be renounced on a person once it is pronounced.

Comrade Alex Eyengho was engaged in an interview with Daily Independent where he reacted to the news that Chief Ayirimi Emami had been suspended from his title as theOlogbotsere.

According to him, all those making the insinuations are jokers who don’t know what they are about. Iyatsere of Warri Kingdom, Chief Johnson Amatserunleghe, and some other people led the news that Ayiri had been suspended as Ologbotsere. a

In his words: “As of today , Chief Ayirimi Emami is the de facto and the Dejure Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom and it remains so. He is functioning effectively in that capacity despite the fact that he is in court.

“The Olu of Warri cannot make anybody Ologbotsere without recourse to the Ologbotsere family. He will only make a request to the family that he wants to give out Ologbotsere title”.

“The family will now do internal screening on their own and then present a candidate. That was what was done and that was how Chief Ayiri was presented to then Olu of Warri who now ratified and adopted the decision by the family. Once an Ologbotsere title is given to somebody, it is till death”.

“The person only stops being Ologbotsere if he dies. It is not a tenured title. It is till death. Nobody can remove or suspend him because it is a family title”.