DJ Khaled has revealed the huge role Dancehall and Jamaican culture had had on his career since he charted this musical path as an individual in a recent interview with the Recording Academy.

DJ Khaled disclosed in the conversation which was to be shared on the Up Close & Personal podcast that both dancehall and Jamaica have played an elemental role in his appreciation of music.

“Dancehall is a part of my story, you know what I’m saying, Jamaica is a part of Khaled’s story and it’s such a blessing. I love reggae music and I love dancehall,” he added.

It’s not just something that Khaled randomly decided to follow either, as dancehall music was a big part of his youth, he revealed. The “I’m the One” singer also shared that he was enthusiastically supported by the Jamaican dancehall community in the early days of his career. He also recalled doing shows regularly in Kingston.

“I grew up listening to dancehall, playing dancehall music with hip hop. As a young kid, I used to be in Jamaica, I use to basically live in Miami and Jamaica. I sound clashed, I’ve deejayed in Kingston throughout the whole beginning of my career,” he added.

Khaled also recalled the years when his name started to get more popular as he became a sought-after deejay in both Miami and the Caribbean because of his special dubplates. He was also one of the deejays who was known for playing hip hop and reggae as well.

“And all those artistes you saw on my album on that song, my friends that cosigned me in the beginning of my career. They use to give me dubplates and they put their hands around my shoulder saying we love this kid and I never forget where I come from,” he explained.