Dr Ahorsu told TV3’s Martin Asiedu–Darteh in an interview on the News@10 Monday September 6, that the African continent is currently saddled with enormous political and economic grievances.

This situation,  he said, if not nipped in the bud could spell doom for most of the countries. He was commenting on the coup d’état that occurred in Guinea on Sunday September 5. Soldiers appeared on national TV in Guinea claiming to have dissolved the government of President Alpha Condé.

In a post sighted on 3News, Dr Ahorsu is quoted as saying;

Dr Ahorsu said “The issue is a very frightening one. We have seen it during the Rawlings time where there were a lot of coup d’états happening across the continent.

“The danger we face so much today is that there is so much social economic grievances, political grievances to the point that the sort of uprising that will come about as what was happening in Nigeria during the protest against the police is that, eventually there may be overthrow of governments whereby we may not have leaders who are able to direct the country properly and there will be chaos all over Africa.

“This why the word to the wise is enough. All those sitting in the citadels of, or living in the comfort of power and think they have surrounded themselves with militia and people and they are plundering the nation, they should begin thinking because the destiny of the continent, the destiny of Africa, the destiny of countries are at stake.”