Annie Idibia has cried out on social media again after her husband 2Face Idibia left her for America without telling her after lying to her.

Annie Idibia once called out 2Face Idibia for having an affair with his baby mama and today has taken to social media to cry out that he has left her for America after lying to her that he has a shoot when we thought everything was okay between them.

According to Annie Idibia, her husband told her he has a shoot only for her to realize that he has packed almost all his things and left for America without telling her, and now she can’t call anyone because they won’t answer.

Adding that his family hates her and has been giving her hell for the past 10yrs that she’s been married to 2Face Idibia and now she can’t even call his manager or his cousin because they all think she’s the problem and the one giving him troubles.

Annie Idibia and 2Face Idibia showed each other love by promoting their works and we thought everything has been settled between them only for her to come out now and cry that he has left her and the kids for America without her knowledge.

From the video, it’s clear Annie Idibia is so pained because of what 2Face Idibia has done and it seems 2Face is not planning to come back any moment soon and that has really hurt his wife because he didn’t find it worthy to inform her.

video below;