Boma who has already taken the responsibility for his actions speaking with Ebuka said he now sees how awkward the whole situation with Tega was because there are other single girls but why he settled for a married woman.

According to him, his affection for Tega grew as they spend time together and she was eventually there for all the guys and that is why almost all the guys liked her but he took things further to make her his partner in giving viewers a show.

Boma added that he actually told Tega that the house is boring hence they should give viewers a show and that led to their escapades which he now sees how awkward it is but it’s too late for him to change things and that is why he has taken responsibility for his actions.

The issue most people have with Boma is the fact that he left about 9 single ladies in the house and settled with a married woman to use her for his strategies which he has now seen how bad it was but unfortunately, it’s too late for him to change anything about it.

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