Uzoamaka further claimed that while she did not cheat on Nedu throughout their marriage, she was in an affair before meeting the comedian, which is how the baby was born.

She told Punch that she had no idea she was pregnant for her ex-boyfriend until she started seeing Nedu. In response to the paternity fraud allegations, Uzoamaka told the publication:

“I did not cheat on him from the first day he walked into my life till he left. I was never with any man. I can swear on it.

“Before I met Nedu, I was seeing somebody; I was in a relationship; he was on the side, disturbing me.

“There were a couple of times he had invited me to Lagos and this was my service year in 2012. He had invited me to Lagos a couple of times and I turned it down.

“When the three years relationship ended, I said, ‘Okay fine, let me see this guy fine’.

“We met and he seemed like a cool person and I said let me give it a try and we started from there.

“Along the line, I found out that I was pregnant. Trust me, if I knew that my first child was not for him, if I knew, I wouldn’t have, I can’t deliberately pick another man’s child and give to another man. If I knew, I wouldn’t have gotten married to him.

“On my wedding day, I was pregnant, everybody saw it.”


The former wife of the comedian called out Nedu on Instagram accusing him of domestic violence however Nedu responded by revealing that their first child wasn’t his backing it DNA proofs.

Ukamaka did not refute Nedu’s allegation that her son isn’t his biological child, but she queried why he isn’t helping to the upkeep of his daughters, who are his biological children.