Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Cross has disclosed that he is more concerned about finding true love in the house than winning the 90 million grand prize.

Cross was challenged to choose between finding love in the house and earning the $90 million grand prize during his diary session.

Cross revealed that he is more interested in finding love and that the show is nearly over, so he should be more focused on winning. His statement surprised some fans of the show who are his loyal supporters.

He said: ”Falling in love is a very difficult task because it takes a lot for someone to finally say he has fallen in love.

”Falling in love is a very difficult task. You need to see how the person reacts to everything before you can say you’ve fallen in love with someone.

”It’s kind of confusing but I wouldn’t say am in love right now I can say I am falling in love. I like the fact that am beginning to discover this aspect of my life because this has been the most difficult part of my life. I don’t think anyone in this house can confidently say they are fully in love because it takes a lot of sacrifices.

”It’s also funny because coming from an Igbo man like me who is supposed to be going for the money, instead, I am looking for love. I really hope I am making the right choice too. So yeah, I would rather find love than win the money,”