Jada P in a tweet thanked God for being so good to her as everything she wished and hoped her life will be is what she’s living today and she’s just winning alongside his baby daddy Wizkid who is taking over the world.

According to Jada P, she remembers someone telling her once that her like is like a fairytale and now she’s actually starting to think it’s true and the gratitude she feels is beyond because of how good God has been to her.

Jada P then added that everything she envisioned and hoped for is what she’s living and God has been so good to her that her life now is in place and everything she hoped her life would be is exactly what she’s enjoying now alongside his baby daddy Wizkid.

Jada P aside from being the baby mama of Wizkid is also the manager of the starboy and looking at how he’s winning of late, it’s clear she has done a very good job as a manager and she is just enjoying her life as it’s supposed to be and never forgot to thank God for making that possible.

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