Alex Ekubo ever since Fancy called off their wedding has been quiet on social media but only made a post about his honorary doctorate degree and then later showed appreciation to all those who were there for him during the journey.

Alex Ekubo sharing his journey to Benin for his honorary doctorate degree on social media made a cryptic post that also goes for his broken engagement with Fancy saying no one has ever been successful in life without failure.

According to Alex Ekubo, no successful person has ever been successful without failure, and putting that in the context of his broken engagement, he’s trying to tell us that his next relationship is going to be successful since he has tasted the failure now.

Alex Ekubo is right, there’s no success without failure and almost all those who are happily married today tested some failed relationship in the past hence he is also going to have a very good relationship if he decides to get married again.

Going by the post of Alex Ekubo, it means when you fail at something for the first or second or even countless times, you just have to remember that there’s no success without failure and never give up on whatever you’re doing.