At the Executive lounge, she told Boma that she will slap Angel and exit Biggie’s house. Tega went further to make fun of Angel following the death of her boyfriend and said Angel had a weak game.

She said;

“People are doing emotional blackmail in this house. You think you are the only one that has suffered, you are writing a letter to your late boyfriend sigh!

Boma added, “its because some of us don’t want to talk about our trauma.? Are you the one who has lost someone? I’m not being insensitive but people have lost mum and dad. Some of us are ashamed to tell our stories.

“The day Angel talks back at me that’s the day I’ll slap her and leave the house.

“I’m married but you that is single your game is weak! It’s just moving! Make strategic moves. It’s not by being naked, I fit wear Buba.”